Name: Lima VM

Biodeserts supervisor: Brito JC

Co-supervisor: Nuno Sousa Neves, University of Évora

Title: Modelação da distribuição geográfica de anfíbios à escala local: implicações na conservação

Institution: University of Évora

Status: Completed



In this thesis we present important data for the definition of conservation strategies for amphibians at a local scale. The results indicate a reduction and change in the distribution of these species in the Serra S. Mamede Natural Park in a short period of time. The current distribution patterns suggest the migration of this species to refuges and to higher altitudes. The variables related to water availability have proven to be decisive in shaping the local distribution of amphibians. The multiple flow accumulation, obtained by a modeling technique of hydrological processes, represents a very suitable variable due to its predictive value for all species. The development of a multi-scale approach showed that the mechanisms which, potentially better determine the occurrence of amphibians, act on a scale ranging from 100 to 200m. The use of these scales allow more stringent conservation measures than those so far often implemented as a reference, set at a 1km range analysis.