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I use genetics to understand biogeographic patterns and evolution of wildlife vertebrates. I did my PhD in the Doñana Biological Station (Sevilla, Spain) working with small mammals from Southeast Asia as a model to understand how diversity has originated in the Sundaland biodiversity hotspot. I have participated in several expeditions to Borneo and worked extensively in natural history collections, genomics protocols in lab and with bioinformatics. I am starting now an exciting project at CIBIO to study frogs from the Iberian Peninsula. Using these frogs as a model, I will focus on the genomic side in a collaboration on the development of new methodologies to determine priority conservation areas which takes into account not only number of species, but also intra-species genetic diversity and phylogenetic diversity.

Personal webpage: miguelcamachosanchez.weebly.com


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Research ID: http://www.researcherid.com/rid/U-3611-2018