Mediani M, Boudot J-P, Chevalier F, Qninba A, Campos JC


The Odonata fauna known from the Oued Ed Dahab-Lagouira administrative region is relatively poor compared to neighbouring regions. Apparently, species of this group are present all year round on some aquatic sites, which are however rare in the Moroccan Atlantic Sahara. To improve the knowledge of the Odonata fauna in this desert area, we visited most natural, semi-natural and artificial aquatic habitats present in the region. We will try first to characterize the migration of Hemianax ephippiger in January-February 2013 and 2014 and emphasize reproduction indices for this species in 2012 in some artificial habitats. The occurrence of Sympetrum fonscolombii at the Imlily Sebkha and its breeding in market gardening farms are also emphasized. Four additional new species were added to the region, namely Anax parthenope, Ischnura saharensis, Crocothemis erythraea and Trithemis annulata.


Journal: Martinia, 30: 11-22

DOI: n/a