The globally Endangered Philochortus zolii is a Sahara-Sahel endemic reptile, known from only five localities scattered between Mali and Egypt. A sixth population was recently found Mauritania, establishing the first time ever observation of P. zolii in all West Africa. Overall, there is huge lack of information about this species, therefore this project aims to assess the distribution of P. zolii in Mauritania, estimate local population abundance, characterise occupied habitats and threat risks, and understand the ecological requirements of P. zolii. This information will allow defining local conservation measures that are critical for this threatened lizard. At the end, results will be disseminated among relevant stakeholders to engage them in conservation efforts and to increase local awareness about the conservation importance of P. zolii and its habitat. For the first time, conservation actions for P. zolii would be placed in the field, ensuring the survival of the West African population.
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Funding agency: Ruffords Small Grants

Budget: 7 000€

Project Code: 30876-1

Period: 2020-2021

Principal investigator: Naia MC



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