Argaz H, Brito JC, Fahd S, Martínez-Freiría F, Boudajbir C, Geniez P




Morocco is one of the richest countries in the Mediterranean Basin, comprising 120 terrestrial amphibians and reptiles, of which 30 are endemic species (25%). Remarkably, the genus Chalcides hits top record with nine endemic species out of 16 existing species. Updated distribution maps were elaborated for each species. A new species was added to the taxonomic list of endemics of Morocco. Three main distribution patterns regarding the occupied area and number of localities were identified: 1/ large, extensive, or widespread, 2/ punctual, and 3/ restricted distribution. Three main distribution patterns regarding the occupied region were identified: 1/ mountain, 2/ Atlantic, and 3/ southern Morocco. The areas apparently accommodating most of the endemic species are located within the Tangitan Peninsula, Atlantic coast, Rif Massif, and High and Middle Atlas.


Journal: Bulletin de la Société Herpétologique de France, 176: 61-94

DOI: n/a