Gangkofner U, Brockmann C, Brito JC, Campos JC, Wramner P, Ratzmann G, Fensholt R, Günther K



This paper provides an overview of the European Space Agency (ESA) DUE Project Diversity II, specifically the dryland component of this dual project with a dryland and an inland water part. The 10 years of MERIS data have been exploited using full and reduced resolution fAPAR data to profile and trace the vegetation development in 22 dryland sites all over the globe. Objectives were to map and assess status and trends of vegetation productivity and express the results in a suite of indicators. The work was driven by the information needs of the CBD (Convention on Biological Diversity) and the UNCCD (UN Convention to Combat Desertification).



Journal: Proceedings of the “Sentinel-3 for Science Workshop”, Venice, Italy 2–5 June 2015 (ESA SP-734, December 2015)