Gyhrs C, Macedo T, Bastos B, Salgado-Irazabal X, Hammadi M, Bouarakia O, Boratyński Z


Daily heterothermy is a strategy employed by endothermic birds and mammals to reduce their energetic costs by lowering their metabolic rate. We recorded nocturnal and diurnal rectal temperatures in three Moroccan Gerbillus rodent species to determine the level of heterothermy. A decrease in body temperature from night to day was observed by an average (±SD) of 8.7 (±4.2) in G. gerbillus, 11.1 (±3.0) in G. amoenus, and 7.7 (±3.3)°C in G. sp.1, the first records of heterothermy in the three species. The findings support a prediction that daily heterothermy is found in mammals from arid and semi-arid regions, contributing to further knowledge of thermoregulation in desert rodents.


Journal: Journal of Tropical Ecology

Link: 10.1017/S0266467422000360